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With so many dies, we are sure we have the right envelope for your needs. We can also custom order a die if you require a special envelope. Our dies range from as small as a thumb card, which are popular for gift cards, to as large as package size envelopes up to 15 x 18. We also do everything in between with these popular envelope sizes:

  • #10 Envelopes, #9 Envelopes, #8 5/8s Envelopes, #6 3/4s Envelopes, # 6x9 Envelopes, # 9x12 Envelopes, # 10x13 Envelopes


  • Announcement, Bangtail, Baronial, Booklet, Brochure, Catalog, Coin, OSDS Square Flap, Pictorial, Policy, Remittance, Thumbcut, OSDS/Standard Letter Envelopes and much more.......



For over 50 years, we have been helping clients make the right envelope selection. We are happy to provide the layout and specifications for your job and cut the envelope to spec. Below are some of our popular envelope types. 



Booklet Envelopes (Open Side or Booklet)

Booklet envelopes are used for the same type material as a catalog envelope but they are easier to insert by hand or by machine. They open on the long end or the "side". 

Commercial Envelopes (Open Side Diagonal Seam)

The main envelope used in business is a #10 OSDS, with or without a window.  Other commercial sizes, both standard and special, are also available on request.  

Commercial Envelopes (Side Seams / Booklet)

The sizes are the same as OSDS envelopes.  However, the construction using side seams gives more room for printing on the back flap as well as a more pleasing appearance. 

Policy and Coin Envelopes (Catalog / Open End Style)

A policy envelope is  any size up to 5 x 11-1/2 with catalog style construction.  Coin envelopes range in size from 2-1/4 x 3-1/2 with a catalog style construction.

Monarch Envelope (OSDS)

 A monarch envelope is 3-7/8 x 7-1/2 OSDS.  It has a long pointed seal flap and is usually used for invitations, Christmas cards, birthday cards or other more personal notes.

Catalog Envelopes (Open End)

 Catalog envelope are use for brochures, annual reports, sales catalogs, and other large printed material. Catalogs are most often hand inserted. They open on the short side or the "end".

Remittance Envelopes (Open/Side Booklet)

A remittance envelope is usually used for donations or as a bill payer envelope.  It has a long wallet flat which allows for printing on the inside of the seal  flap as well as printing on the back flap of the envelope which is covered when the flap is sealed.  Credit card or other sensitive information is concealed until the envelope is opened.  

Announcement Envelopes (Side Seam/Booklet)

 Also know as A-Style envelopes. They have two side seams with a straight seal flap. A-Style envelopes are often used for greeting cards, photographs, invitation and promotional pieces.  The normal size range on A-style envelopes is 4-3/4 x 5-1/2 to 6 x 9-1/2.  

Pre-Press Friendly Layouts

All of our layouts are a printer pre-press friendly PDFs. We provide you with assistance in picking the right layout for each envelope. We understand envelopes better than anyone and are here to help you with the right choice. Visit our layout page for some of our popular samples. 

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